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November 29, 2012

Curl supports Windows 8, iOS 6, and Android 4.2 with the release of CDE 8.0.1003 and Caede 1.0.1

~Mobile application performance increased up to 800%~

SCSK Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo Koto-ku, Chairman & CEO: Nobuhide Nakaido; below SCSK) announces  support for Windows 8, iOS 6, and Android 4.2 in SCSK’s proprietary rich client / RIA*1 technology Curl with the November 29 release of the integrated development environment CDE Ver8.0.1003 (below CDE) and the mobile application development environment Caede Ver1.0.1 (below Caede).

1.Background and Overview

The CDE is an integrated development environment for the Curl language, provided as a plugin to the Eclipse IDE. The CDE offers a variety of features for enterprise systems development, and continues to evolve towards higher productivity based on customer feedback. Furthermore, as of the September of this year, the addition of the mobile application development tool “Caede” added support for hybrid applications*2 running on iOS and Android, enabling cross-platform development from desktops through mobile devices. This release of the CDE (Ver8.0.1003) and Caede (Ver1.0.1) supports the most recent PC and mobile operating systems, as well as improving the performance of mobile applications two or more times over the previous release.

2.CDE Ver8.0.1003 and Caede Ver1.0.1 Key Features and Benefits

■ Enabling Powerful and Feature-Rich RIA Applications on Windows 8
Now supporting Windows 8, Curl offers a powerful RIA environment across Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops as well as tablets and similar mobile devices.
■ Enabling Smooth and Simple Hybrid Applications on iOS 6 and Android 4.2
Supporting iOS 6 and Android 4.1 and 4.2, the “Caede SDK” and “Caede Development Tools” enable highly productive development via a package of a mobile framework, libraries, and a translator for converting Curl source code to mobile code.
For details, please see the following link.
■ Mobile Application Performance Increased 200% to 800%
Screen transitions, object additions, ListView data display, appending to internal data objects, JSON parsing, appending to local databases, and other operations have been optimized for a combined 200% to 800% speedup in mobile application performance.

3.Future Direction

The following features are currently planned or under development for later release.

■ Application Features
Dialog, Grid, Charts, File Access, Mobile Events, Bluetooth, NFC, and more
■ Development and Productivity Features
Application Update, Curl Emulator for Mobile, and more

About Curl

SCS’s Curl platform aims to solve the issues of existing web applications with a web programming language that enables rich user interfaces to be built for enterprise-level systems. From HTML5-style text markup to high-performance 3D graphics, the Curl language addresses a wide range of development needs.

Specializing in the client side, the Curl platform offers ground-breaking progress on delivering high-quality web application user interfaces to platforms from PC desktops to mobile devices, using a single development language with a single code base. It supports connections to server resources regardless of make or OS, allowing effective use of data or specialized resources regardless of where they reside.

The Curl language was initially developed in 1995 at MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). From 2004 SCSK (formerly Sumisho Computer Systems Corporation) has maintained all licensing, sales, marketing and support services. Presently the Curl platform has been adopted by over 500 companies in Japan, including many large enterprises.

For more information about Curl, please see http://www.curl.com/

* All other product names, company names, service names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

*1 RIA (Rich Internet Applications)
RIA (Rich Internet Applications) are applications using browser plugins or similar techniques to leverage the capabilities of the client machine to provide rich user experiences.
*2 Hybrid Applications
Applications running in a native container (Webview or similar) on iOS or Android but built with and executing HTML5.