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September 6, 2012

Enabling Cross-Platform Development Mobile Development Environment “Caede 1.0.0” Released

~One source for app development from the PC through mobile (Android, iOS)~

SCSK Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo Koto-ku, Chairman & CEO: Nobuhide Nakaido; below SCSK) announces the September 6 release of the mobile application development environment “Caede Ver 1.0.0”, extending SCSK’s proprietary rich client / RIA *1 technology Curl and its integrated development environment Curl Development Tools for Eclipse (below CDE).

1.Background & Overview

The enterprise marketplace is currently faced with not just the rise of mobile applications created specifically for iOS and Android devices, but also the increasing need for applications that run on the full range of devices from traditional PCs through mobile.

SCSK currently offers the Curl language with the Curl RTE (Curl Runtime Environment) and the RIA-oriented integrated development environment CDE (Curl Development Tools for Eclipse), which support a range of operating systems and browsers and support rich and flexible user interfaces across those desktop platforms.

On mobile platforms, however, developers have been faced with an even wider range of environments to support, not only with the various versions of each OS, but also a wide range of screen sizes and device capabilities (camera, GPS, etc). With such widely varying systems, development is challenged by a greatly increased support load, and management by cost and planning issues.

In light of these circumstances and in order to address the proliferation of devices and OSs, SCSK has begun providing the mobile application development environment Caede as an addition to its existing product “Curl Development Tools for Eclipse Ver.8.0.1002”. With the addition of Caede, mobile development can be addressed with a single language (Curl), and, as with the existing PC and RIA platform support, take place in a truly cross-platform development environment.

2.Caede Architecture

Caede is composed of the Caede SDK (Caede Software Development Kit) and the Caede Development Tools. The Caede SDK is a free kit for mobile development. The Caede Development Tools use the Caede SDK to enable highly productive development through an Eclipse plugin.

The Caede Development Tools are supplied with the CDE, enabling development for platforms from the PC through mobile using a single language in a single development environment. These new capabilities can be are available to users of the existing Curl development license “Curl Pro/IDE License”.

3.Caede SDK Key Features

The framework offers separation of graphical content from logic, for easier implementation of an application based on the common MVC Model※2,
The library offers mobile-oriented GUI controls and support for capabilities like acceleration sensors, GPS, and cameras.
The translator automatically converts Curl source code to mobile source code, automatically generating HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript.

4. Caede Development Tools Key Features

Caede Project Creation
Create a mobile application development Caede project using Curl. This allows necessary setup to be completed simply and smoothly, kicking off mobile development projects without lengthy setup.
Curl Source Code Automatic Translation
In concert with the Caede SDK translator, performs automatic, background translation of Curl source code to mobile modules, making for a one-stop shop for application development.
Mobile Visual Design Tools
The screen layout tool VLE(Visual Layout Editor) gains support for the available mobile components, enabling drag-and-drop design for a faster, more direct development process.
Style Sheet Design Tool (Style Designer)
The Style Designer allow style sheets to be easily created. With the Style Designer, it’s possible to create a unified look that works on platforms from desktop RIA through mobile devices.

5. License Fees

Product Standard Cost (pretax) Delivery From
Caede SDK Free Sept. 6
Caede SDK +
Caede Development Tools

A Curl Pro/IDE License 59,800 yen/PC(before tax, initial year usage fees included) is required.

Further years are 30,000 yen (before tax).

* Provided as a feature of the CDE.

6. Sales Target

In light of the increasing needs of the mobile marketplace, Curl license business in the coming year is estimated to expand by approximately 100 million yen.

7. Product Support

For Caede support, please see the following URL.
(Available to purchasers of a Curl Pro/IDE license)
Product consulting services and online training are planned for availability at a later date.
URL:http://www.curlap.com/support/ (Japanese)

8. Caede Feature Details and Download

The detailed product information and downloads are available from the following URLs.

Caede Product Introduction (Caede SDK / Caede Development Tools)
URL: http://www.curl.com/products/prod/caede/
Caede SDK Download
URL: http://www.curl.com/download/tool/
Caede Development Tools Download
URL: http://www.curl.com/download/ide/

* Installed alongside the CDE.

9. Caede Product Seminar

Following the Caede product release, a seminar will be held in Tokyo (Aoyama) on October 17, 2012.

Whether enterprise users can expect useful outcomes in deploying mobile applications, current trends in enterprise mobile applications, and a demonstration of Caede and how it relates to the preceding, will all be presented, providing hints to enterprise IT for how to position mobile development effort to take advantage of coming business chances.

See http://www.curl.com/ for seminar details and registration.

Cross Platform Outline

About Curl

SCS’s Curl platform aims to solve the issues of existing web applications with a web programming language that enables rich user interfaces to be built for enterprise-level systems. From HTML5-style text markup to high-performance 3D graphics, the Curl language addresses a wide range of development needs.

Specializing in the client side, the Curl platform offers ground-breaking progress on delivering high-quality web application user interfaces to platforms from PC desktops to mobile devices, using a single development language with a single code base. It supports connections to server resources regardless of make or OS, allowing effective use of data or specialized resources regardless of where they reside.

The Curl language was initially developed in 1995 at MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). From 2004 SCSK (formerly Sumisho Computer Systems Corporation) has maintained all licensing, sales, marketing and support services. Presently the Curl platform has been adopted by over 500 companies in Japan, including many large enterprises.

For more information about Curl, please see http://www.curl.com/

※ All other product names, company names, service names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.