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July 24, 2012

Rich Client/RIA Technology Curl. Korean Language Runtime Environment & IDE Release.

SCSK Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo Koto-ku, Chairman & CEO: Nobuhide Nakaido; below SCSK) announces the July 24 release of the Korean localization of SCSK’s proprietary technology, the rich client / RIA※1 technology Curl, including “Curl RTE※2 Ver.8.0.1 Korean Edition” and the integrated development environment “CDE※3 Ver.8.0.1001 Korean Edition”.

1.Background & Overview

SCSK currently provides the Korean market with the Curl English language Edition, with over 200 licenses supplied. Beginning from Korean branches of Japanese enterprises, Curl has since been introduced in major Korean electronics manufacturers, investment companies, major food franchisers, hotel chains, and other leading Korean companies. With the addition of OEM business building on Curl package systems, Curl has come into wide use in Korea.

In light of these achievements, and due to the needs of the quickly-expanding Korean RIA market for cross-platform software environments, the currently-supplied Curl English language Edition has been outgrown, and it was decided to offer a new Korean language Edition. With this release, the ability to address complicated and difficult-to-develop user interfaces that Curl offers has become more accessible to Korean enterprise than ever before.

2.Curl Product Portal Site (Korean Language Edition) Now Open

SCSK, with an eye towards offering timely Curl information and product updates, runs both Japanese and English portal sites. With this release of the Curl Korean language Edition, and in recognition of the particular needs of the Korean market, SCSK is adding a Korean language portal site as well. This new portal will offer a chance for the numerous Korean developers and application users to become familiar with Curl products, and allow SCSK to provide timely information to globalizing Korean enterprise.

Japanese Site
English Site
Korean Site

3.Marketing, Sales, and Support for the Korean Market

Curl’s Korean language Edition will be delivered by SCSK’s Curl agent in the Korean market, QTI International Inc. For the Korean market, direct marketing and sales, as well as product support, will all be operated by QTI International Inc.

Curl Products Korean Market Agent

Company Name
QTI International Inc.
Gyuseop Oh
3F. Eunhasoo Bldg. 410-7 Dogok-dong, Gangnam-ku, Seoul 135-854, Korea
Home Page

Comment from QTI International Inc. CEO Gyuseop Oh

“QTI International Inc. has been providing Curl direct marketing, sales, and support for nearly a decade since the introduction of Curl to Korea in 2003. With this release of the Korean language Edition, we hope to see further growth in the use of the cutting-edge technology Curl throughout the Korean market. Utilizing its long-accumulated, advanced Curl system development knowhow, QTI International Inc. will continue to provide world-class solutions to enterprise.”

※1 RIA (Rich Internet Application)
Applications with rich interfaces that are executed in a browser (or otherwise on a client device).
※2 Curl RTE (Curl Runtime Environment)
JIT compiler and runtime environment that converts source files written in the Curl language into applications executed on a PC.
・Details can be found at: http://www.curl.com/products/prod/rte/
※3 CDE (Curl Development tools for Eclipse)
Eclipse plug-in supporting Curl language development of RIA and mobile applications.
・Details can be found at: http://www.curl.com/products/prod/ide/