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March 29, 2012

One-source / Multi-use Mobile Development Platform

Caede Beta Release

~ Easy path to mobile application development via automated Curl code translation ~

SCSK Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo Koto-ku, Chairman & CEO: Nobuhide Nakaido; below SCSK) announces the March 29 beta release (Ver. 0.8.0) of the mobile development platform Caede for its rich client / RIA technology Curl.

1. Background & Overview

With the recent proliferation of mobile computing devices, demand for mobile development continues to skyrocket. Furthermore, with the proliferation of not just devices but platforms, and multiple concurrent versions thereof, mobile application developers are faced with increasing and competing demands to learn new development skills and new languages. To help address these challenges, SCSK in November 2011 released the Caede preview, and has since been at work broadening its capabilities and incorporating user feedback.

This beta release of Caede allows the use of the single Curl language and its development environment for cross-platform development, for computers ranging from PCs through mobile devices. Automated code translation from Curl to mobile applications, and support for various Curl language primitives, libraries, and GUI components were all added or expanded for this release. In addition, GPS, video, camera, local database, and other capabilities characteristic of mobile devices are now supported. These capabilities allow the productive development of high-quality applications for platforms from desktop PCs to mobile devices.

2. Caede Beta: Key Functionality

Using the Caede beta for mobile application development allows developers to employ just the Curl language, avoiding device-specific style sheets or code blocks, completing entire projects from a single code base. Caede, consisting of a translator, framework, and libraries, allows applications developed in the Curl language to be converted to mobile modules. The mobile source code generated by the translator allows the creation of hybrid applications that run on smartphones, tablets, and devices in-between. Additionally, developers can apply the same business logic, interfaces, server interfaces, etc. that are used with desktop Curl applications.

  • Mobile application development in the Curl language
    The same features of Curl, originally created for and helping to create the RIA space, are available for mobile development: fundamental syntax, classes, libraries, GUI components, etc.
  • Framework, libraries, translator
    To increase development productivity, frameworks and libraries specifically designed for mobile applications are also included. Using the translator, appropriate mobile source code can be automatically generated from Curl source code, making real the ideal of one stop mobile application development.
  • Device capabilities
    Mobile device features like GPS, cameras, acceleration sensors, orientation sensors, local storage, audio, and more, can all be utilized.
  • Language interfaces
    Interfaces are available to access JavaScript and Java code, allowing additional flexibility in application structure.
  • Development environment (Eclipse plugin)
    Not just the Caede development environment, but also necessary Android SDKs and the like can be installed for an all-in-one development platform.

3. The Path Forward

Future development will include additional expansion of the supported set of Curl language syntaxes, GUI components, and other libraries. For layout development, support is planned using the non-coding build tool Visual Layout Editor (VLE). Furthermore, a special Curl emulator is under consideration to increase developer productivity. Support for additional platforms is planned, particularly iOS to enable iPhone and iPad users. Interfaces to other programming languages are also planned.

4. Caede beta Download

The Caede beta can be downloaded from the following URL.


aede beta Download

About Curl

SCS’s Curl platform aims to solve the issues of existing web applications with a web programming language that enables rich user interfaces to be built for enterprise-level systems. From HTML5-style text markup to high-performance 3D graphics, the Curl language addresses a wide range of development needs.

Specializing in the client side, the Curl platform offers ground-breaking progress on delivering high-quality web application user interfaces to platforms from PC desktops to mobile devices, using a single development language with a single code base. It supports connections to server resources regardless of make or OS, allowing effective use of data or specialized resources regardless of where they reside.

The Curl language was initially developed in 1995 at MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). From 2004 SCSK (formerly Sumisho Computer Systems Corporation) has maintained all licensing, sales, marketing and support services. Presently the Curl platform has been adopted by over 500 companies in Japan, including many large enterprises.

For more information about Curl, please see http://www.curl.com/

About SCSK Corporation

SCSK Corporation was established in October 2011, through the merger between Sumisho Computer Systems Corporation and CSK Corporation. While mutually utilizing the technical abilities, know-how, and knowledge that both companies possess in every industry field, we provide a full lineup of services from system integration, IT infrastructure implementation, IT management, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), to IT hardware and software sales, in an integrated manner. In addition, we take advantage of the capability to support a global IT system network for customers including Sumitomo Corporation, aiming for further leaps ahead as a global IT services company.

URL: http://www.scsk.jp/

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