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August 30, 2011

SCSK Corporation Ships Curl Version 8.0

~Multitouch and gesture support, PDF export, desktop handling improvements~

SCSK Corporation (Toyosu Head Office: Koto, Tokyo, Chairman & CEO: Nobuhide Nakaido; below as SCSK) announced the release of the latest version of SCSK’s rich client / RIA technology platform Curl, including the runtime engine (Curl RTE Version 8.0.0; below as RTE8) and the integrated development environment (Curl Development Tools for Eclipse Version 8.0.1000; below as CDE8), with simultaneous availability in Japanese and English.


Curl enables the construction of systems offering high-quality user interfaces through a web programming language, a runtime engine, and an Eclipse-based integrated development environment. Supporting multiple desktop platforms, it offers the combination of high performance and high security sought after for enterprise systems.

In present enterprise systems, users are looking for applications offering high operability for better productivity. While standard web applications face a serious challenge in moving to the desktop, or in interoperating with other devices, Curl’s APIs easily enable both use cases. In the newly released RTE8, access to client resources has been further improved with the addition of support for multitouch and gestures, and the strengthening of support for ActiveX/COM. PDF exporting, reporting enhancements, GUI and graphics enhancements, and stronger security round out the new RTE8 features that address pressing enterprise needs.

The simultaneous release of CDE8 offers support for the new features provided by RTE8, as well as source code metrics, which provides various numerical measurements to identify and avoid convoluted program source code. Along with other new features like custom templates, CDE8 allows developers to not only provide highly functional applications, but through efficient debugging and performance tuning do so faster and more productively.

2.Curl Version 8 Headline Features

Key features of Version 8.0 of the Curl platform are as follows:

■ RTE 8
IPv6 support
AES encryption、SHA-2(SHA-256, 384, 512)
Decimal data type
Multitouch and gesture support
PDF export
ActiveX / COM improvement
■ CDE 8
Metrics analysis
Custom templates
Debugger improvement
Scratch pane
Performance improvements

For details on Curl Version 8, see the following pages.

【Curl Version 8.0 CDE Screenshot】
Curl Version 8.0 CDE Screenshot

About Curl

SCSK’s Curl platform aims to solve the issues of existing web applications with a web programming language that enables rich user interfaces to be built for enterprise-level systems. From HTML5-style text markup to high-performance 3D graphics, the Curl language addresses a wide range of development needs.

Specializing in the client side, the Curl platform offers ground-breaking progress on delivering high-quality web application user interfaces. It supports connections to server resources regardless of make or OS, allowing effective use of data or specialized resources regardless of where they reside.

The Curl language was initially developed in 1995 at MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The Curl Corporation was founded in 1998, and a Japanese language edition released in 2003. Presently the Curl platform has been adopted by over 500 companies in Japan, including many large enterprises.

For more information about Curl, please see http://www.curl.com/

About SCSK Corporation (SCSK)

SCSK Corporation (SCSK), founded in 1969, offers a wide range of system integration services to companies not only in Japan but worldwide.

SCSK aims to be in the first tier in the IT services industry, focusing on three strategic business domains: the industry-specific application business, which utilizes expert knowledge in each industry to customize system architecture to client needs; the ERP solutions business, which includes proprietary packaged software; and the platform solution business, which concentrates on IT architecture services for the creation of IT systems. SCSK will provide your company with a service of trust and quality.

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