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Curl RTE Ver.8.0.0 New Features

The Curl RTE is a proprietary runtime that allows Curl applications to execute on client PCs. Installing the Curl RTE gives user access to rich, responsive web applications.

Curl RTE
  • ■ IPv6 Support, Security Enhancements
    IPv6 is now supported. Security has been enhanced with the addition of AES encryption and additional standards.
  • ■ Reporting and PDF Export
    More fine-grained printer settings are now available, allowing better control over business-critical reporting output. High-quality PDF export has also been made available.

  • ■ Multitouch / Gesture Support
    You can use the new multitouch & gesture interface support to allow applications to be controlled through direct touch.
    ※demo application requires a multitouch-compatible input device
  • ■ Decimal Type Support
    Using the Decimal class, values with more digits than ever are now supported, and more precise calculations are now possible.
  • ■ Control Enhancements
    With ActiveX/COM support, now with improved interoperability with devices, connection to Excel or devices is smoother, enabling a better desktop application experience.

The main benefits of the RTE are as follows.

The Curl RTE is provided free of charge. Download from the "Curl RTE Download" page.

High Security Model

The Curl RTE uses a “sandbox” security model. This means that applications must conform to the user’s access settings, so that even if a malicious application is executed, the client PC remains safe from unauthorized access or unwanted changes.

Fundamentally, even if the end user doesn’t have deep knowledge of security practices, they can still use the Curl RTE and safely run Curl applications. From installation, the Curl RTE defaults to the highest level of security, meaning any kind of application can be run without the risk of adverse effects to the client PC.

Speedy, Reliable Execution

The Curl RTE executes Curl applications safely and speedily on client machines. Normally Curl applications are compressed, pre-processed, and hosted on web servers for download. Because they are compressed, they download faster than normal applications. Further, as the downloaded source code is compiled on demand (JIT compiled: Just In Time compilation), and the Curl RTE compiles quickly, applications launch fast. Once compiled, the source code is cached, meaning on subsequent runs applications can start up much faster.

While executing, the Curl RTE uses memory efficiently, maintaining application performance. When necessary for processing, memory is consumed on the client to the smallest extent possible, and freed again as soon as possible. With this comprehensive memory management system (garbage collection system), Curl maintains application performance and responsiveness.

Since Curl compiles on the client, even across different operating systems the same Curl source code will execute in the same way, avoiding for example the need to host multiple versions on the server.

Multimedia Engine

The Curl RTE includes a multimedia engine offering unified support for text, 2D and 3D graphics, animation, audio, user data entry, and more through the Curl APIs.

Since Curl provides a unified environment, Curl applications can take advantage of a smaller module size for their multimedia interfaces. Furthermore, that same unified platform means that performance stays at a constant, high level.


The Curl platform supports the HTTP/HTTPS networking protocols. Not only does this mean that applications can be run over regular internet transmission standards, but there’s also no need to open your network to new protocols, avoiding any security impact. For P2P-style or server push applications, standard TCP/UDP level networking is also available.

High Maintainability

The Curl runtime engine supports multiple versions being installed simultaneously on the client PC.

For example, a Curl application developed for version 5 would run on a version 5 RTE, while a version 6 Curl application would run on a version 6 RTE. Since multiple different RTE versions can be installed, there’s no need to update existing applications when updating the runtime engine. Further, Curl applications are automatically executed on the appropriate version of the RTE, so users don’t even need to worry about changing their application settings on additional RTE installations.