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CDE v8.0 ( with Caede Development Tools v3.0 )

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System Requirements
Important: Check before installation.
Installation Guide
Important: Check before installation.
Installation Notes
Installation checklists and known installation issues.
Explanation of known runtime issues
Release Notes
Version: CDE 8.0.×
Bug FixesPDF
Version: CDE 8.0.×
Includes Curl RTE, CDE, Development Tools.
[Important Pre-Installation Checklist]
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■Curl Pro/IDE 60 Day Trial License Usage

*For the Curl Pro/IDE 60 Day Trial, please download the CDE Trial Edition, then upgrade.
Trial Edition upgrade guide (PDF).PDF

■Curl Pro/IDE License (Paid) Usage Guide

*Use of the product requires a Curl Pro/IDE license. After purchasing a license key, enter the license code into the CDE Trial Edition to activate it.
*Please update the Curl Pro/IDE from the Trial Edition.
*Users of Curl Pro/IDE v.7 can upgrade to v.8 by installing the CDE Trial Edition.
Upgrade Guide (PDF)PDF

※ CDE (Curl Development Tools for Eclipse) includes source code from Eclipse. The included Eclipse code is used under the Eclipse Public license vol.1.0 and can be downloaded from the link below.

For product information on the Curl IDE please see here.